the radiant city

The play is about the legendary master builder of New York, Robert Moses, who from the mid-1920's until 1968 determined the shape of today's New York, and had enormous influence on the rest of urban America. Five people manipulated 150 puppets. The five-piece band played music by Christopher Thall, with lyrics by Andrea Balis.  

Theodora Skipitares
A 12-foot-long Robert Moses puppet surveys mid-Manhattan.


Theodora SkipitaresAn aluminum deco puppet
at the city gates of Manhattan

Theodora Skipitares

Wheel of Power: A 12-foot ferris wheel identifies each of the 12 unelected positions Moses held simultaneously in New York City and New York State governments.


Theodora Skipitares

"The Bill Song"

You got to write it right
To get your bill to fly
You'd be amazed
Just how much crap gets by.

(Song by A. Balis)

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