Seven Portraits and a Landscape


This was my first play for puppetsâ���with 20 of them. Three performers worked with eight miniature tableaux, each with individual sound and light systems. The men, women and animal puppets all had faces in my likeness.  

Theodora Skipitares

Sylvia: You can't see them, but my body is full of needles. They hang from me like pinecones. I heard last week that the governor died of a blowjob. In the papers they called it a natural disaster. The doctors tell me I'm to be released soon. I have a job waiting as a fashion designer. Gloria is one my sponsors. So is Lous Guy-De. I'm going to be a celebrit. I'll be on all the talk sows and featured in People Magazine. I'll probably marry Pat Boone soon. I'll fly first class. I'll sip the perfect martini as I chat about my life with Gore. I was born with cachet.

(Text by Garry Rich)


Theodora Skipitares


Urban Landscape

As a child, my eyesight was sharpened by certain skies. Their features darkened my whole appearance. The phenomena came alive. Now, the inflections of time and the infinity of mathematics are are tracking me down. I put up with civic acclaim, famous among weird children. I dream of a war, of unthinkable logic.

(Text by Rimbaud)