helen, queen of sparta

Based on a variety of legends and myths about Helen of Troy, â�œthe face that launched a thousand shipsâ�, this play explores the identity of Helen. According to several ancient poets, Zeus used Helen as an excuse to start a war, and his wife Hera, in order to protect Helen, took a cloud and made a perfect likeness of Helen. Paris took this â�œdoubleâ� of Helen to Troy with him and the real Helen was hidden in Egypt for 20 years until the war was over. This story is illustrated with dozens of colored shadow puppets, a variety of puppet styles, and video projections. In the play HELEN by Euripides, a messenger is told about the fake Helen and the real Helen. He responds: Wait. Now, let me get this straight. You mean we went to war, lost so manyâ�¦.all because of a cloud?  

Theodora Skipitares
Humanette puppets witness he birth of Helen


Theodora Skipitares
Shadow Battle



Theodora Skipitares
Helen encounters her double


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